• iPhone XR / iPhone XS Echt Gold Handyhülle THOMELA
  • iPhone XR / iPhone XS Echt Gold Handyhülle THOMELA

THOMELA REAL GOLD cell phone case iPhone XS / iPhone XR & free bulletproof glass set

Genuine gold cell phone case for the iPhone XS / iPhone XR with free 9H bulletproof glass now exclusively at THOMELA!

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REAL GOLD UNIQUE: We only use pure 24K gold for the production of this cell phone cover! Because of the handmade gold, each cell phone cover is a UNICUM and looks uniquely noble! The authenticity has been confirmed by an independent German & certified testing laboratory!


PERFECTLY PROTECTED: The combination of different high-quality materials makes the case double shock-absorbing and not only looks beautiful, but also protects your smartphone effectively from damage! The included free 9H tempered armored glass protects not only the phone but also the display from damage!


CRISTALLY CLEAR: Due to the unclouded transparency of this case, the enclosed real gold looks even more beautiful and sparkles uniquely in the light!


ANTI-yellowish: Many cell phone cases yellow with UV light over time! So that this does not happen to you, we have used special polymers in the production! These provide also in the long run for a crystal clear look!


ANTI-SCRATCH & DAMPING PROTECTION: To keep your cover looking beautiful for a long time we have coated it with an anti-scratch coating! The integrated and practical dust protection above the charging socket prevents the charging contacts from getting dusty and thus prevents problems when charging your smartphone!