We are a young German Company that unites a passionate team and the willing to conceive unconventional, high quality products.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to design products that inspire joy and authenticity. We seek to create products that reflect the personality of the game-changers, the innovators and the groundbreakers.

Our Values

Every Thomela product reflects our core values: authenticity, trust and emotion.

Our work is authentic.
This means that in every step we do, we use our creativity to build unique products that demonstrate the world’s vast diversity.

Our work is based on trust.
We work hard to ensure that our products meet the expectations of our customers and that they continue trusting our work.

Our work is driven by emotion.
We love creating products that are faultless. We pay high attention to details and put our hearts in what we do to satisfy our customers. We love the environment we live in and take responsibility for it.


Each Thomela product is designed to be your everyday companion. This is why, we pay special attention to the Quality of our creations. Our products are made to last.

All our Suppliers are quality-certified. We make sure that our Suppliers follow strict production procedures and keep processes stable.We follow a careful sampling procedure. During the sampling phase, we perfectionate our prototypes, minimizing the risk of quality failure to the minimum possible.

Besides ensuring the quality of our products, we seek to ensure the quality of our customer service. Whether you have a question regarding one of our creations or you want to know more about Thomela, we want to be there for you.

We never compromise on quality. We never compromise on satisfying your expectations.


We are conscious about our role in preserving the environment. This is why, we have decided to focus in three main areas:

Our Suppliers

We make sure that our partners are committed to sustainable production processes.

Product Design

When designing our products we prioritize the use of sustainable materials.


We have committed to the elimination of plastic packaging. This is why, our packaging is carefully chosen and designed. We seek to reduce the size of the packaging to the minimum necessary in order to save resources. In addition, our packaging is made out of paper our carton and is easy recyclable. Furthermore our company is licenced in the dual system of Interseroh for a proper recycling of our packaging.